Theatrical Dialogues

Tuesday Following

Read about the reunion salons and street art coinciding with Reunion Company’s production of I Came to Look For You on Tuesday.

After Seven Festival

New Dramatists, June 28, 2013
The Wedding Party A collective performance piece/wedding

Directed by David Herskovits

The Evening Consists of: Rabbi Monsignor London officiating real couples: Mia Chung & Kenneth Chay, Ron & Lynn Cohen, John Eisner & Jennifer Dorr White, Meg MacCary & Arne Jokela, Chiori Miyagawa & Hap Tivey, Alice Reagan & Shane LeClair, Sophia Skiles & Timothey Allred, John Steber & Robert Shaffron, and one Mother/Daughter commitment: Lenora Champagne & Amelie Champagne Lyons. And A Ten-Minute Play, Cute Cats, by Chiori and Chekhov, performed by: Stephanie Weeks, Karen Hartman, and Todd London. With Piano Music by David Rosenmeyer, Singing by Katie Geissinger & Bill Gross. And men throwing bouquets!

DREAM Act Union

The DREAM Act Union is a collective of theater artists, educators and activists working to raise awareness about the challenges faced by immigrant youth and the DERAM Act through the creation of theatrical events and partnerships that connect artists and audiences to the broader social movement.

Hibakusha Stories Arts and Science Initiatives

Hibakusha Stories passes the legacy of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to a new generation, and empowers them with tools to build a world free of nuclear weapons.

Chiori works annually with atomic bombing survivor Shigeko Sasamori from Hiroshima to conduct playwriting workshops with NYC public high school students to respond to Ms. Sasamori’s personal story.

Hiroshima Project

In May 2009, Voice & Vision Theater and Crossing Jamaica Avenue co-produced a multifaceted project encompassing the premiere of Chiori’s play, I Have Been to Hiroshima Mon Amour, a screening of Steven Okazaki’s Emmy-winning documentary film, White Light/Black Rain, a series of panel discussions about the atomic bombings of Japan and the future of the world in the nuclear age, and a reading series of plays written in Japan about the subject.

Read the feature article about the project and Chiori in: The New York Times