Published Plays

Thousand Years Waiting and Other Plays

Thousand Years Waiting and Other Plays includes seven plays of various styles and lengths, all of which explore the themes of memory and identity: Thousand Years Waiting, Comet Hunter, Leaving Eden, Awakening, FireDance, Broken Morning, and Red Again. Miyagawa’s plays often combine poetic language with harsh reality; her storytelling ranges in style from a minimalist approach to heartfelt monologues. Time and space are fluid; they converge and separate, while the characters live in many dimensions at once with ease. In one way or another, her protagonists are outsiders, emotionally (Awakening), physically (Comet Hunter) or socially (Broken Morning). The line that separates life and death is thin; making her characters live vividly outside what is generally considered reality.

America Dreaming and Other Plays

America Dreaming and Other Plays includes Jamaica Avenue (with some additional new writing), Yesterday’s Window, Antigone’s Red, I Have Been to Hiroshima Mon Amour, and America Dreaming (with a restored scene never seen or published before) with introduction by Emily Morse, Director of Artistic Development at New Dramatists.