Thousand Years Waiting

Thousand Years Waiting
Crossing Jamaica Avenue, Co-production with PS122
February – March, 2006
  • Playwright: Chiori Miyagawa
  • Director: Sonoko Kawahara
  • Composer: Bruce Odland
  • Otome Bunraku Puppeteer from Japan: Masaya Kiritake
  • Performance by: Margi Douglas, Sophia Skiles, Anna Wilson & Masaya Kiritake
  • Set design: Donyale Werle
  • Costume design: Theresa Squire
  • Lighting design: Rie Ono
  • Sound: Nicholas Emmet & Mark McNamara
  • Stage Manager: Yoko Ikeda
  • Associate Producer: Jacob Burstein-Stern
  • Assistant Director/Associate Producer: Vanessa Bombardieri
  • Research Assistant: Nanako Nakajima
  • Koken (assistants on stage for the puppeteer): Yukako Yamazoe & Fumiko Inoue

Photos by David Altman

“Chiori Miyagawa crosses culture and genres to illustrate the seductive power of our selective memories—and how the old patterns can be transcended.”

“Chiori Miyagawa, whose contribution to last season’s The Antigone Project as one of that evening’s highlights, blends together two millennium-old Japanese writings with her own modern sensibility.”