This Lingering Life

This Lingering Life
Premiere: Theatre of Yugen @ Z Space
San Francisco, June 2015
This Lingering Life was written during the year of Radcliffe Advanced Studies Fellowship at Harvard University. It was developed at Lark Play Development Center and New Dramatists. Please see other acknowledgements at the end of the play.
  • Written by Chiori Miyagawa
  • Producer: Jubilith Moore
  • Artistic Director: Theatre of Yugen
  • Director: Jubilith Moore
  • Composer: Michael Gardner
  • Set Designer: Mikiko Uesegi
  • Costume Designer: Callie Floor
  • Lighting Designer: Allen Willner
  • Assistant Director: Emily Mendelsohn
  • Dramaturg: Eugenie Chan
  • Production Manager / Technical Director: Josh McDermott
  • Public Relations: Lisa Geduldig
  • Acting Ensemble: Sheila Berotti, Sheila Devitt, Nick Ishimaru, Hannah Lennett, Alexander Lydon, Ryan Marchand, Jubilith Moore, Norman Munoz, Luis Valls
Cake Production @ HERE Arts Center
September NYC, 2014
  • Written by Chiori Miyagawa
  • Director: Cat Miller
  • Set Designer: Kate Noll
  • Lighting Designer: Nastassia Jimenez
  • Sound Designer / Original Music: M. Florian Staab
  • Stage Manager: Courtney Ferrell
  • Public Relations: Richard Hillman
  • Acting Ensemble: Ron Cohen, Amir Darvish, Francesca Day, Luke Forbes, Norman Munoz, William Franke, Vanessa Kai, Marta Kuersten, Meg MacCary, and Stephanie Weeks

“This Lingering Life is a complex, yet seamless, weaving-together of nine Noh storylines… If you’re curious to see something different on stage, written by someone who truly wants to experiment with form, and who is intelligent and witty about it, go and see This Lingering Life.”

“Miyagawa’s play is clever, stylish, and often funny.”

“It is refreshing to see a show that challenges mainstream naturalistic Western theatre in a playful, witty and meaningful way, exposing our lingering sense of global inter-connection.”