Nothing Forever & Yesterday’s Window

Nothing Forever & Yesterday’s Window
New York Theatre Workshop
May 1996
  • Written by Chiori Miyagawa
  • Director: Karin Coonrod
  • Lyricist: Mark Campbell
  • Music: Fabian Obispo
  • Performance: Dawn Akemi Saito, Lenora Champaign, Bobby Day
  • Set & Lights: Darrel Maloney
  • Costume: Myung Hee Cho
Nothing Forever
New Georges @ HERE Arts Center
April 1999
Yesterday’s Window
Westwind Farm Studio
Performance site:  Lee Kelly’s sculpture, Window to the Gone World
Portland, OR, August, 2011
  • Directed by Amy Gonzalez
  • Sound/music by: Larry Schaeffer and Maryellen McCulloch
  • Performance by: Jacklyn Maddux, Jennifer Rowe, Philip Cuomo, Kirin Kapin (flutist) and Josh Feinberg (bass player)