I Have Been To Hiroshima Mon Amour

I Have Been to Hiroshima Mon Amour
Voice & Vision Theater @ Ohio Theatre, NYC
May 2009
  • Written by Chiori Miyagawa as a rebuttal to the 1959 French film Hiroshima Mon Amour
  • Director: Jean Wagner
  • Performance: Joel de la Fuente, Juliana Francis-Kelly & Sue Jean Kim
  • Japanese voice-over: Brian Nishii
  • Lighting designer: Rick Martin
  • Music & Sound designer: Du Yun
  • Projection designer: Hap Tivey
  • Set designer: Glenn Reed
  • Costume designer: Liz Prince
  • Choreography / Education Director: Hillary Spector

Photos by Carol Rosegg

“Chiori Miyagawa’s impressionistic three-person play has as its baseline a cultural critique of the 1959 Alain Resnais film “Hiroshima Mon Amour,” which viewed Japan’s tragedy through distinctly French eyes. Did Resnais romanticize the atomic bomb, or underrepresent its victims? More important, the play asks: Who are any of us in the long shadow of Hiroshima? In scenes that delicately muddy time and identity, shifting from 1945 to 1959 and occasionally to present day, Miyagawa contemplates the paradox of remembering a city that—surreally, horrifyingly—one day ceased to exist. The play is the centerpiece of the Hiroshima Project, which includes readings of mid-century plays by Japanese writers.”

“… where Marguerite Duras’s screenplay ultimately dwells on the actress recounting in flashbacks her youthful affair with a German soldier during the Nazi occupation of her hometown, Nevers, for which she had her head shaved and was locked in a cellar, Ms. Miyagawa’s stage version keeps its focus on the devastation of the Japanese city.”