I Came to Look for You on Tuesday

I Came to Look for You on Tuesday
La MaMa, NYC
September-October 2013
A new play about reunion during times of natural disaster, times when everything seems to be “normal” but then something unexpected happens and suddenly everything is different.
  • Written by Chiori Miyagawa
  • Director: Alice Reagan
  • Performance: Carlo Alban, Amir Darvish, Rach Holmes, Susan Hyon, McKenna Kerrigan, Meg MacCary, Jens Rasmussen, Ugo Chukwu
  • Set Design: Jiyoun Chang
  • Lighting Design: Solomon Weisbard
  • Sound Design: Betsy Rhodes
  • Stage Manager: Grace Shultz
  • Costume Design: Anne Kenney
  • Emily Morse: Dramaturg
  • Projection Design: Kathryn Lieber
  • Associate Producer: Ann Marie Dorr
  • Associate Producer: Regina Vorria
The Tuesday Following is an interactive salon/art companion project to the play, I Came to Look for You on Tuesday. Part real time community salons, part street art project featuring the work of artist James Bayard, The Tuesday Following seeks to reach people in different neighborhoods to build ephemeral yet moving and creative communities around the concept of reunion.

“The Tuesday Project, which explores reunion during times of natural disaster and the aftermath of war, includes street art installations and community participation events across NYC, in addition to Miyagawa’s play.”